Powerful API by OS Digital

What is OS Digital's powerful SMS API ?

Powerful, Secure and Easy Integrable SMS API and Developers API. Easily Integrable in any application and start pushing SMS in seconds. Any one can access JSON, PHP and more sample codes. OS Digital provides a powerful API, developers can easily integrate our API. This APIs allows to Two factor authentication, Two way messaging, Response SMS, App Notification, Real time authentication.

API stands for Application Program Interface. Our API is more powerful because of higher priority operator connectivity. It gives a high reliability and instant response to API submission. The API is software-to-software interface that allows for a separate application to communicate with each other without any previous intervention, means connect and communicate with other programs. If you see when you do online payment and your card information, verify using API, then you receive an OTP and payment confirmation on your mobile. These developer SMS APIs are available with HTTP and SMPP based which supports Java, .net, PHP, etc.

What you can do using our Powerful SMS API ?

Push Bulk SMS Using API
Integrate any software using API
Two factor authentication using API
Registration confirmation through OTP using API
API can pull dlr response
API can push dlr response
Send customize SMS using API
You can check SMS balance
Schedue SMS can be delete using API

Developers API for Send SMS :

HTTP API Specification for Send SMS


Developers API for Voice Call :

Voice API is utilized for sending, Voice Call, Text-to Speech (TTS), One Click One Option and many other customize services to the requirement of customer. Text-to-Speech is one of the best customize solution for utilizing a Voice API, it can be utilized for many information to customers. HTTP API in text-to-speech more empower the customer for utilizing this solution on their application and softwares.


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Types of API :

Specifications of Different APIs


This is most useful and popular API which used as simple and flexible integrated into any website, software or application. All of the registered can use HTTP API.


This is used for high volume submission, SMPP API is most popular for the customers who wants to give his own application for SMS submission to their own customer.


This API allows to Send SMS in regional or unicode languages, using our Unicode API you can send SMS in all regional languages in India to any of Indian destination.


This is specially used for large bulk push campaigns. The JSON API allows users to submit large numbers of messages which delivered to the target audience.

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