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OS Digital founded in the year 2015, the team has more then 15 years of experience from IT and Digital Innovative market. The thinking behind OS Digital is to empower users to use Text Messaging, Voice Solution, Software Solution and Digital Marketing Solution and fulfil their requirements with reliability and most cost effective services.

We aims to empower users to maintain a dynamic marketing and communications through our various products and services. We provide a user friendly user interface, so the customer can use it anywhere with great reliability. We dedicate to provide innovative solution and high quality service connectivity.

We have multiple operator gateways and connectivity to provide Bulk Messaging and Voice Services, which allows user a high reachable and reliable service experience. We offers professional mobile marketing solutions to our Clients and Partners with steadfast connectivity, they get a full command of panel's backed by superior customer support. Our team provides customer-oriented sales and after sales support.

Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Missed Call Service, Voice Call Service, Digital Marketing, Software Development and Surveys are the services offered by the company. Our target is to provide best Promotional SMS, best Transactional SMS and best Voice Call solution. Digital marketing and PPC services are now one of the best technology services for lead generation. OS Digital is market research survey software specialists, running a sophisticated, quantitative and qualitative research programs, that deliver real-time results with Questionnaire survey software management. This system provides a powerful data formatting and handling the statistics.

Our company provides free SMS service and free voice call service for the demo, you can sign up and take few demo SMS and Voice Call for the testing purpose. Once you satisfied, then go for the different packages according to your requirement.

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Software Services

OS DIGITAL is one of the reliable software development company. We develop the customize and on customer demand Websites, Landing page, CRMs and many other software solutions.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is the part of our SMO service. We can generate the leads for the products according to the requirement of customer. This is an online platform, so you can get better quality lead.

Campaign Manager

Bulk SMS campaign manager is the important part of our Bulk SMS service, here client can schedule one multi-part campaign for a whole day on a single file upload and can save his time.

Multimedia SMS

Multimedia SMS Feature is the unique feature of OS Digital Messaging solution. The client can send any Photo, PDF, Doc, Audio or Video files through our SMS Panel. Here mobile number can track who click the link.

Online Survey

OS DIGITAL provides user an online Survey platform for election and other brand building. The client can get an unlimited response using different campaign through our Unique Link Shortner Feature.

Unique Link Shortner

Link Shortner is also one of the unique feature, you can shorten your any link and send to multiple mobile numbers as a unique link, you can also get the click response and track mobile number.

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