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Bulk SMS for Banking & Finance Company

Bulk SMS is one of the needful products for the Banking and Finance companies and organizations. All the banking and finance companies software connected with the Bulk SMS API, so that they can send their notifications and alerts to the customer. Customer also rely once they receive the SMS while they do any transaction through the bank or get the EMI alerts from the finance company and banks. All the notification to the bank and finance companies passed to their customer through the Bulk SMS Service. This service immediately send SMS to customer while get trigger from the Bank and Finance company software, so that customer can get immediate alerts for the same. Bulk SMS helps Banking & Finance companies to automate their most of the work related to customer information.

Services Benefits

- Registration Confirmation
- Portal Login and OTP
- Withdrawl Confirmation
- EMI Alerts
- Loans Promotion
- Interest Rate Updates
- Changes Notification
- Account Balance Confirmation
- Loan Dues Alerts

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