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Banglore is the biggest IT hub of India and a capital city of Karnataka state. This is a large city with a very dense living population, the reason is most technology companies come here to open their ventures and start to grow their business as soon as possible. There is a huge business opportunity because anyone can get a highly skilled employee for their business and easily promote without spending more time. Today there are many solutions to reach business prospects without spending more time. Messaging, Voice and Digital marketing are the best platforms to reach the large number of population in just a few minutes. This technology will help to reach the customers mobile immediately and we know that every person carries their mobile handset and sees all the messages and notifications to get them updated for any current news or information.

We have experienced this time after utilization of various digital and mobile marketing, the best and cost saving way to go for your business builtup is only a Bulk SMS Service. The best bulk SMS service provider company in Bangalore, Karnataka is helping to get more business improvement ideas using its various featured products and services. OS Digital launched various features in the mobile marketing and bulk SMS service for the different purposes and requirements as per business to business. Multimedia messaging service gives a unique experience to send the Images through the Bulk SMS service and get the analytical view of the service including viewers mobile number. Smart link shortener and tracking using multiple link opens while clicking the link multiple times, it helps to generate more business on the same broadcasting of messages. A wonderful technology behind the simple messaging with higher returns of the business investment.

Bulk SMS for Karnataka election, Voice call for Karnataka election, Digital Marketing for Karnataka election helps the political person to know more about them and their works in their constituency and it helps to know each and every person about their netaji. Politicians can send the prerecorded calls on their own voice to the public of their constituency to give more personal touch and influence with the voice and text. These services help people of the area to know more about their netaji and have the option to choose the best netaji in their constituency to vote for them during the election period.

How Bulk SMS Service can Avail and Use?

Best bulk SMS service provider company in Bangalore is here to provide all the solutions in very competitive pricing with greater reliability. Bulk SMS service is used to send the SMS notification to mobile through the A2P messaging technology. This is a very fast technology, which can send lakhs of the SMS in just a few minutes and at the same time it reaches the mobile handset, this is the reason its response is very immediate. Voice Call services and other features in the voice services are customized and you can utilize TTS and other API services in voice with best technological support. Digital Marketing is the very vast way to put your business in the next level through online media promotion like; website, social media platforms, google platform and many other online platform channels. Paid advertising and SEO helps you to make business branding and promotion very fast.

Features of Bulk SMS Service at OS Digital

Send SMS: This is for sending an English text SMS, One SMS count in English is 160 Characters and in case of long SMS, it counts in multiple of 153 Characters.

Unicode SMS: It is used to send SMS in Unicode or Local languages Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu etc. One SMS count in Unicode SMS is 70 Characters, in case of long SMS,it counts in multiple of 67 Characters.

Customize SMS: Customize SMS is used to send SMS from Excel Sheet, where column A is a Mobile Number Column and Column B is Message Content column. Messages will be sent to the same row's Mobile to Same rows Text SMS.

Personalize SMS: It is used for personalization of SMS, in a single click multiple fields of Excel column data automatically filled to message and Each number gets different SMS in single upload.

Multimedia SMS: This is a technique to send Media files Images, Pdf, Video etc. through the test SMS, media files uploaded are converted to the link, and while clicking on the link received through the text SMS, the media file gets opened. The feature also allows tracking the mobile number who views the media file.

Event SMS: Any event like Birthday, Anniversary and other occasions which come from different people on different days can be scheduled on single file upload.

Manage Group: Save mobile numbers to create a group, so that no need to search files in your system. Go to the SMS interface, select the group and send SMS to all. It is a phone book managed at your SMS login.

Report: Different formats of reports are visible in the interface, Delivery reports show total count, Advanced Search show status and tracking of mobile number status, MIS reports show count of sent and delivered, Sender id wise search and many other reporting formats.

Developer: Here you can find a HTTP API for sending an SMS and API for Delivery reports. API can be integrated with any developer's language application, allows you to automate your application and send an automated SMS like OTO, Login details, registration confirmation etc.

Quick Link: It is an advanced feature used to shorten the long link which needs to be sent on text message and it also tracks the click of link and fetches the mobile numbers who have clicked on link.

Schedule SMS: You can schedule the SMS for future's any date and time. Our system automatically delivers the SMS on schedule Date and Time.

Powerful Application

A powerful SMS application dashboad developed by OS Digital to manage all features at one place.

High Throughput

To assure a quick and fast delivery of submitted SMS, high throughput operator's connectivity binded.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery helps to deliver SMS on time, any urgent information to customers can get effectively.

Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic messaging means send a personalize campaign, each numbers gets unique SMS from uploaded sheet.

Delivery Report

100% Transparent and Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators.

Multi Language

Send SMS using your own local languge, our powerful application support all Indian local languages.

Secure Developers API

SMS application is fully secured with SSL, you can get secure Developres HTTP API for your integration.

Smart Scheduling

Send messages using SMS schedule feature, it will deliver automatically on scheduled date and time.

24x7 Service

OS Digital enabled services for 24x7, you can do Transactional SMS submission and delivery any time.

Who can use Bulk SMS Service in Bangalore?

Logistics: can send transport delivery information. Real Estate: can send project information and promotion. HealthCare: can send pathology and healthcare information. Retails: can send best offers and sale information. Software: can integrate sms api in application. Hotels: can send booking and location confirmation. Government: can send alerts and public notification. Schools: can send information to parents. Colleges: can send results and admission information. BFSI: can send EMI alerts and loan information. Insurance: can send premium information. Travels: can send booking confirmation. E-commerce: can send products information and delivery updates. Advertiser: can send advertising and promotion contents. Business: can send business branding and awareness promotion. Individual: can send information for family program. Corporate: can send notification and information. Politician: can send election campaign. Society: can send social information. Community: can send community program information.

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