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Developers API is software-to-software interface that allows for a separate application to communicate with each other without any previous intervention means connect and communicate with other programs. API stands for Application Program Interface. If you see when you do online payment and your card information, verify using API, then you receive an OTP and payment confirmation on your mobile. These developer SMS APIs are available with HTTP and SMPP based which supports Java, .net, PHP, etc.

Internal Communication

OS Digital's Developer API provide to improve collaboration and internal communication.

Application Automation

Application automation with all internal applications with communication and module make easy through the API.

Quick communication

Developers API provides Quick messaging communication to all individuals or groups with perfect measure.


The HTTP API can perform distributed and collaborative operations on information systems and more.

Intelligence Analytics

The developer's API allows more precise business intelligence, analytics for any integrated application.

High Efficiency

High communication efficiency on any application integration can be achieved though Developer's API.

Application Integration

Developers API is software-to-software interface that allow for application to communicate with each other.


Developers API allows to send and communicate with a personal touch with personalised messaging.

Delivery Report

You can get easily and instant delivery report through our developers delivery report pull API.

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