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Features of Promotional SMS Service

Promotional SMS is your quickest way to reach Prospects and promote your business. They are one of the fastest, most cost effective and reliable way of marketing Communication and lead generation.

Now here is one of the reliable Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider in Noida and one of the best Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. Our high throughput routes provide the best customer experience on sending Promotional Bulk SMS. The user can send Unicode Bulk SMS, Customize Bulk SMS and Personalize Bulk SMS from the single Bulk SMS Panel. User can use our unique feature of URL Shortner and Unique URL Shortner for Sending Bulk SMS and can track the URL Shortner link click also. Our one more advanced feature of Multimedia SMS, here the user can send multiple media file like, photo, pdf, doc, audio, video links through the SMS and can track also who have seen the Multimedia SMS link.

Easy to Use

OS Digital provides easy to use and user friendly client interface for sending Transactional SMS.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery means, it can be used effectively to send any urgent information to customers.

9to9 Submission

Promotional SMS helps to reach Prospects 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, there is restriction of submission time.

Sender id

There is no sender id option for Promotional SMS, your SMS will deliver through 6 digit numeric sender.

Unicode Submission

Now send your messages in your regional language using special and unicode characters.

Flash SMS

Get your clients attracted from flash messages that are directly flashed on the mobile screen.

Delivery Report

100% Transparent and Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators.

Schedule SMS

Send messages to your clients automatically by our scheduling feature if you are not available.


OS Digital provides you a premium gateway facility to send OTP SMS to your clients.

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