Short Code Service

Short Code Service

Short code service is a messaging service that allows businesses to use a short, easy-to-remember phone number (usually 4-6 digits long) to receive SMS messages from their customers. Short codes are commonly used for marketing campaigns, surveys, contests, and customer support.

To use short code service, businesses need to work with an SMS service provider that offers short code functionality. The service provider will provide businesses with a unique short code number and the ability to receive SMS messages sent to that number.

When a customer sends an SMS message to the short code number, the message is forwarded to the business's system or inbox for processing. The business can then respond to the message, send automated replies, or store the message data for future analysis.

Short code service provides several benefits for businesses, including:

Easy to remember: Short codes are easy for customers to remember, making them a popular choice for marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.

Two-way communication: Short codes allow for two-way communication between businesses and their customers, enabling businesses to engage with their customers and provide support.

Scalability: Short codes can handle a high volume of messages simultaneously, making them a scalable solution for businesses that need to manage large volumes of messages.

Brand recognition: Using a short code can help businesses establish their brand and increase brand recognition among customers.

Compliance: Short codes are regulated by telecommunication authorities to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices, providing businesses with a secure and reliable messaging solution.

Overall, short code service provides businesses with an effective and reliable way to engage with their customers, promote their brand, and provide support.

Short code service is the pull messaging service introduced by OS DIGITAL and it is a 5 digit short code virtual number like; 56161, 57575 etc. Using a keyword with any brand name can pull messages while sending that SMS to this short code number. Keywords are unique names for any brand or business which depends on availability in the short code service. Shortcode numbers are shared shortcode numbers and can be utilized with the keyword. One shortcode number can be used by many people using their different keywords. Shortcode service can be utilized for Leads generation, Opt-in subscription, Polling for any program or election, Brand promotion, brand offers and many more customized solutions as per requirements of the customer. You can also fix a reply SMS as a revert of the response on short code. The response message may be your information or normal thanks message against the response.

Example for Short code:
Send SMS to 56161 to write OSDIGITAL
Eg: OSDIGITAL I am looking for Short Code Service. (Send this content to Short code 56161)

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Easy to Use

OS Digital provides easy to use and user friendly client interface for receiving SMS through Long Code and Short Code.

Detail Report

Fast Detailed Report means, it can be used effectively to pull any urgent information of customers.

Add Keywords

Multiple keywords and sub-keywords of your choice can be added on same Long code and Short code numbers.

Auto Response

You can fix auto response messages after client response on any Short code or Long code services.

24x7 Service

Two way messaging service enabled 24x7, means you can utilize this service any time without any time restriction.

URL Forwarding

Two way messaging response can be forwarded on any response url, here you will be able to see the response in your application.

Exam Result

Two way messaging service can be utilized to pull exam results, it can be directly interacting with the database.

Lead Generation

Two way pull messaging service enables you for the best and cheapest medium for pulling of your leads.

Voting & Poling

Mobile Voting and Polling can be easily handled using two way messaging service, and can get instant result.

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