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A Powerful, Secured and Lightning Fast VOICE API

A Voice Call API is an application programming interface that allows developers to integrate voice call functionality into their applications, websites or software systems. With a Voice Call API, developers can initiate or receive voice calls programmatically, enabling users to communicate with each other through voice calls.

To use a Voice Call API, developers typically need to sign up with a provider that offers voice call services and has an API available. The provider will provide the developer with API documentation and credentials, which they can use to integrate the API into their application.

Once the API is integrated, developers can use it to initiate or receive voice calls programmatically. The API may also provide features like call recording, call forwarding, and call routing.

Voice Call API is commonly used by businesses to offer customer support through voice calls, conduct phone surveys, and provide automated voice services such as appointment reminders or voice-based notifications. It is also used by various organizations for internal communication and collaboration, such as conference calls or team meetings.

What is Voice Call API or Voice API?

Voice API is utilized for sending, Voice Call, Text-to Speech (TTS), One Click One Option and many other customize services to the requirement of customer. Text-to-Speech is one of the best customize solution for utilizing a Voice API, it can be utilized for many information to customers. HTTP API in text-to-speech more empower the customer for utilizing this solution on their application and software. Two factor authentication require today to excess any portal which can be banking and financial portal, ecommerce portal and many more which are very important and you don't allow anyone to excess without your permission. Voice API allows you to send personalize Voice while you are doing any booking, it immediately generate an ID or One Time Passcode to be excess further. Voice API helps you to authenticate and secured excess.

Terms of Voice API:1. Voice SMS API or Voice API. 2. Text-to-Speech (TTS) API. 3. Two factor authentication API. 4. HTTP API or Developers API. 5. Voice OTP API. 6. Opt-in Subscription API.

Voice API Integration: Voice API Integration can be done through the below API String

Example Voice API String:

Push Notification

Send instant Voice Notification to desired mobile numbers.

Lightning Fast

Lightning fast speed of Voice API gives you instant response.

Software Integration

Integrate any type of software and application and make it automated.

2-F Authentication

Tow factor authentication for customer and mobile number verification.

Highly Secured

Highly secured API with 1:1 integration and posting from your service IP.

Mobile Verification

Verify mobile number, user verification and optin subscription using API.

Fastest Delivery

Fastest delivery gives you experience to deliver SMS and Voice within 10 Sec.

One Time Password

Send OTP (One Time Password) for the secured login to any type of application.

24X7 Service

API enables you to send any type of communication and notifications 24x7.

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