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Voice OTP (One-Time Password) is a type of authentication service that sends a temporary password to the user via an automated voice call instead of an SMS message. It provides an additional layer of security for authentication purposes and is commonly used by businesses to verify the identity of their users.

To use voice OTP, businesses need to work with a service provider that offers voice OTP functionality. The service provider will provide businesses with an API to integrate voice OTP functionality into their systems and the ability to initiate automated voice calls to their customers.

When a user attempts to log in or perform a transaction that requires verification, the system will generate a temporary password and initiate an automated voice call to the user's mobile number. The user will hear the password spoken out loud in the automated voice call, and can then enter the password into the system to complete the authentication or verification process.

Voice OTP provides several benefits for businesses, including:

Enhanced security: Voice OTP provides an additional layer of security for transactions and logins, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and fraud.

User convenience: Voice OTP is a quick and easy way for users to receive and enter verification codes, eliminating the need for physical tokens or complicated verification procedures.

Accessibility: Voice OTP is especially useful for users who may have difficulty reading or receiving SMS messages, such as those with visual impairments.

Cost-effectiveness: Voice OTP is a cost-effective solution for businesses to implement secure authentication and verification processes without investing in expensive hardware or software.

Overall, voice OTP provides a secure and user-friendly solution for businesses to verify the identity of their users and enhance the security of their transactions.

Push Notification

Send instant push Voice Notification to desired mobile numbers.

Lightning Fast

Lightning fast speed of Voice OTP gives you instant response.

Software Integration

Integrate any type of software and application and make it automated.

2-F Authentication

Tow factor authentication for customer and mobile number verification.

Highly Secured

Highly secured OTP with 1:1 integration and posting from your service IP.

Mobile Verification

Verify mobile number, user verification and optin subscription using API.

Fastest Delivery

Fastest delivery gives you experience to deliver Voice within 10 Sec.

One Time Password

Send OTP (One Time Password) for the secured login to any type of application.

24X7 Service

OTP enables you to send any type of communication and notifications 24x7.

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